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WebDiary (Multi-user web application)

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WebDiary is multi-user web application where users may define their public/private tasks that should be completed. WebDiary is written in Java, it uses JSP (Java Server Pages) and EJB3 (Enterprise Java Beans) -- so it needs to run under Java 5 EE (Enterprise Edition) application server. WebDiary was tested under JBoss application server version 4.0.4.

Setup and start of WebDiary under JBoss

Extract the binary archive you have downloaded.

Copy file Diary.ear into deploy directory of your JBoss application server. The application should be successfully registered and started.

Using WebDiary

Open a web browser and enter the following address: http://IP_Address_of_your_server:8080/Diary, where IP_Address_of_your_server should be replaced with the proper value. If you run JBoss on your local machine, you can use http://localhost:8080/Diary/.

You should see the main screen of WebDiary application:
[Main Screen]

You are not logged in (as you can see in the upper right corner -- "User: anonymous"). Click on Login and enter your username and password. By default, WebDiary has two users: (1) User "petr" (password "petr"), and (2) Administrator "admin" (password "admin"). The default users may be changed -- modify content of cz.voltik.web.AppricationBean class (method initDebugDatabase()). Enter username "petr" and password "petr", then click OK button.

When you are logged in, click on My tasks link on the main page. You should see list of all tasks defined for the user petr: (the list may be empty if no tasks were defined yet)
[User Tasks]

Click on New task link to define new task for the user petr:
[New Task]

Enter name of the task, its priority, check Public if the task should be visible to other users too, and enter details about the task. Then press OK button.

The new task should be placed in the list of tasks defined for the user petr. Click on Main page link to get the main screen of WebDiary.

Follow link Public tasks to see all public tasks defined by WebDiary users:
[Public Tasks]

Click Main page to return to the main page.

You may log in as administrator (username "admin", password "admin") and you can list all tasks of all users (link All tasks on the main page).


This version of WebDiary is very simple prototype. A lot of additional functionality is required to make WebDiary real application that can be used. This version should serve as demonstration of JSP and EJB3 technologies under Java EE application server JBoss (version 4.0.4 required).

Next features that will be implemented:


This software is distributed under GNU General Public License (GPL) and WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY!

See WebDiary project page for more details or download WebDiary directly.

Written by Voltik, 2006-07-25
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